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Scare Eye Octopus Bird Deterrent


Scare Eyes Octopus  for bird control combined with its  long mylar streamers which  flash brilliantly in sunlight, signalling danger to pest birds and driving them from the immediate area. Scare Eye Octopus controls birds and keeps them away from patios, gardens, boats. The Scare Eye Octopus is used to scare away problem birds. Scare Eye Octopuses  are more effective when used when the birds first start to become a nuisance. Visual bird products are more effective when combined with other audio and visual bird deterrents.

Additional installation options - Use Swivel Bracket Kit  to increase movement and project into flight path. Visual bird deterrents are more effective when they are allowed to move freely in the wind and reflect sunlight back at the problem bird.


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Scare Eye Octopus - The Octopus bird control product creates a reflective flash that in sunlight and signals danger to birds causing them to leave. The bright colors and movement will help frighten away birds that are new to the area. To increase your chance of success we recommend hanging multiple Octopus around the problem area. Install on corners, facing the direction of the birds flight path and near/over the problem spot.

Audio bird control products will increase the chance of success. Sold one per package.

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More Information
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Effective Against: Crows / Ravens, Black Birds / Starlings, Swallows, Woodpeckers
Ease of Installation: Simple
Product Type: Visual Deterrent
Use Where Birds Are: Loafing



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