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About Birdsgottago

Birds Gotta Go is a manufacturer & distributor of effective audio, visual & structural bird control products. Consulting and selling all over the world, Birds Gotta Go can help solve any bird problem. Since 1993, owner Mark Thorsell has been helping clients keep birds away from buildings, courtyards, airports, crops, and more problem areas through humane methods. Over the years, he has developed effective and non-lethal new bird control systems customized to combat bird problems in many diverse types of locations as well as products that keep birds off buildings without compromising the architecture, including bird control products approved for use on historic buildings. Mr. Thorsell has resolved thousands of bird problems across the nation and around the world. He is experienced working with all sized jobs, from home and boat owners to large scale, government bid jobs where he has helped create custom solutions for use on many historical landmarks. Mr. Thorsell also has an extensive referral network across the US of bird control product installers that can assist customers with more complex bird problems if needed.