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Architectural Specifications for BirdSlide


       Bird Busters

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Bird Barrier BirdSlide


Bird Barrier America, Inc. manufactures the patent-pending BirdSlide from ultra-violet stabilized polymer plastic.


BirdSlide is a low cost hardened weather resistant plastic ledge product. It deters all species of birds from roosting and nesting on light to heavy pressure surfaces that abut to a vertical wall.

BirdSlide is configured in four foot lengths.

The Slide effectively makes it impossible for any bird to light upon the protected surface. Angled at 45 degrees and slick, it literally acts as a slide.

With BirdSlide’s durable base, installation is literally child's play. Simply glue the base to your ledge with Bird Barrier Bond, and you're done. The top of the BirdSlide can be trimmed to adjust for ledges narrower than six inches, and extensions can be added for wider ledges.

Color matched end-caps close off the ends to birds and other varmint do not take up residence behind the product.

By trimming the BirdSlide, or adding the color matched extensions, ledges from three inches up to 12 inches can easily be protected.

BirdSlide is available in beige and gray, and can be painted to match any building color.



Material: Polymer plastic

Width: 6" (xx cm)

Height: 6" (xx cm)

Length: 48" (xx cm) per piece


BirdSlide can be used to deter a wide variety of architectural bird problems caused by all species of pest birds. It is especially suited to heavy-pressure ledges where nesting birds are known to overpower spike and other products. Examples would be a ledge with an overhang above that provides ideal protection for the birds. BirdSlide can be mounted to horizontal flat surfaces to keep birds from landing on the ledge, and it can be mounted upside down under eaves of buildings to deter Cliff and Barn Swallows that build mud nests in the corners of the eaves.


BirdSlide is provided in finished form and does not require any assembly. Simply glue the base directly to the ledge using Bird Barrier Bond (2 hour set time) or Bird Barrier Super Bond (1 hour set time), or screw the base directly to the ledge. Special clips are available for upside-down application for swallows (as mentioned above).


BirdSlide is completely made from hardened weather resistant plastic polymer. Optional attachment hardware is made from Stainless steel and/or bonding adhesive.


BirdBusters knowledgeable field representatives are available to assist in evaluation, product recommendation and even local certified installation. Call  866-915-8225, or fax drawings and other pertinent information to 941-952-9766. Email plans or other documents to

. Free literature, catalog, job evaluation worksheets and installation information is available.


BirdSlide is a hardened weather resistant plastic barrier that contains ultraviolet stabilizers. It is inert to most chemicals and will not rot, corrode or rust.

    BirdSlide will withstand extreme cold temperatures if it is painted with an exterior paint when applied in direct elements. The plastic used for BirdSlide has been tested in cold temperatures down to -10 Celsius.



1.1 Description

1.1.1      Install BirdBuster BirdSlide on exposed or protected ledges where birds loaf, roost or nest, to prevent damage from droppings and nesting materials.

1.2 Quality Assurance

1.2.1 Obtain technical literature from manufacturer or distributor, telephone consultation and plan/photograph evaluation.

1.2.2 Utilize certified installation companies in your area who are fully skilled with BirdBuster products, and carry the proper insurance coverage.

1.2.3 Utilize labor recommended by BirdBuster for especially challenging applications.

1.3 Submittals

1.3.1 Submit manufacturer's samples, catalog cuts, shop sketches and other descriptive material.

1.4 Product Handling

1.4.1 Protect BirdBuster BirdSlide from damage before, during and after installation.

1.4.2 If damage occurs to BirdBuster BirdSlide, make all replacements immediately.



2.1 Acceptable Manufacturer

2.1.1 Bird Busters

707 South Gulfstream Avenue #405, Sarasota, Florida 34236
Toll free
866-915-8225   or   703-299-8855
Fax: 941-952-9766

2.2 Model Designation

2.2.1 BirdSlide



Material: Polymer plastic



Width: 6" (x cm)

Height: 6" (x cm)

Length: 48" (x cm) per piece

2.3 Mounting Systems

2.3.1 Bird Barrier Bond (2 hour cure) or Super Bond (1 hour cure) for steel, stone, concrete, wood or other surfaces where holes are not desired.

2.3.2 Self-tapping stainless steel screws for sheet metal surfaces.

2.3.3 Self-tapping wood screws for wood surfaces.




3.1 Examination

3.1.1 Examine installation area. Notify architect of detrimental work conditions.

3.1.2 Do not proceed until conditions are corrected.

3.2 Surface Preparation

3.2.1 Ledges and mounting surfaces shall be cleaned with a combination of Bird Barrier’s cleaning products, Dissolve-It or Absorb-It when applicable. The surface should then be dry and free of peeling paint, rust, bird droppings or other debris. Bird droppings shall be removed in a safe manner; large quantities shall be removed and disposed of by reputable waste removal companies.

3.2.2 Remove or repair articles that may damage the BirdSlide after installation, such as tree limbs, brush, and loose parts of the building.

3.3 Installation

3.3.1 Installing BirdSlide on surfaces not able to be drilled using Bird Barrier Bond. Run a zigzag strip of Bird Barrier Bond to the base of the 4 foot piece of BirdSlide and apply to surface to be protected. Follow recommended installation instructions, which are supplied by the manufacturer. The BirdSlide’s edge shall meet the edge of the ledge so as not to overhang, or be too far inset to allow a bird to get a grip on the exposed flat surface. BirdSlide shall match up against the back wall in the same manner.

3.3.2 BirdSlide shall cover the complete ledge, not just the outer perimeter. BirdSlide shall extend to each corner. BirdSlide is an anti-landing device, or a deterrent.

3.3.3 BirdSlide shall be installed straight, or must follow the contours of the architecture perfectly. Uneven spacing of BirdSlide will result in an unattractive installation, and space left between ends of BirdSlide will present a landing opportunity for the deterred birds. Refer to BirdSlide installation literature for details.

3.4 Inspection

3.4.1 Visually inspect BirdSlide for poor adherence to mounting surfaces, or other problems related to poor installation or surface preparation.

3.4.2 Repair as necessary immediately.



If the BirdSlide is installed per our specifications, the product should be virtually maintenance free. Occasionally birds might drop debris in the BirdSlide in an attempt to build a nest, but the debris will simply slide right off the ledge to the ground below.


       Bird Busters

707 South Gulfstream Avenue #405, Sarasota, Florida 34236
Toll free
866-915-8225   or   703-299-8855
Fax: 941-952-9766