The life-size woodpecker deterrent causes other woodpeckers to avoid the ‘occupied territory’. Woodpeckers are territorial, so an incoming woodpecker will typically cue onto the life-like moving decoy and avoid the area.

   The Pileated Woodpecker Effigy is as life-like as the real bird. Full feathered, and measuring 18" in length, the life-size decoy is constructed using injection molded all weather material. Real feathers are used to simulate the appearance of a live bird. Ultra Violet Paint is strategically applied to the decoy adding an additional visual component to deter the woodpecker. The UV paint contains a component that reflects the sun's ultra violet rays enhancing the profile of the decoy. Ultra Violet paint is similar to the UV reflection of bird's feathers allowing them to see in the complete UV spectrum.

The Pileated Woodpecker decoy is easily installed using our specially designed attachment that enables the decoy to move with the wind. Woodpeckers are then cued to the decoy's movement. An incoming woodpecker will typically cue onto the life-like moving decoy and avoid the area. 

How to install

Position the Woodpecker Decoy Effigy at the infested area and/or near flight paths. Two woodpeckers are better than one - place one decoy on one side of the structure and another on the opposite end or other side. The Woodpecker decoy is designed to move a little in the wind, which gives them a life-life appearance.

 To attach the woodpecker –


Slip onto slightly angled screw or nail, push onto the spring.

The Pileated Woodpecker Effigy is not a heavy-duty decoy. The design is purposely lightweight to promote movement.  Accordingly, some precaution is required to prevent damage or loss in high winds. 

A 3.5" stainless steel wood screw is provided for easy installation. Drill a small pilot hole to accommodate the larger screw diameter. Attach effigy “spring” onto screw leaving slight clearance between feet and substrate. This space will indicate a bird in flight.

Or depending on the substrate install the decoy using a common nail (10d e.g.)  or wood screw of sufficient length / head diameter to maintain clearance between the legs and attachment surface. Secure with a zip tie in windy areas.  To hang from a tree branch or bracket use UV stable monofilament secured both to the neck and claws.

 How to Use Most Effectively:

We recommend deploying a combination of audio & visual bird deterrents at roosting areas around the problem area to increase the fear reaction and convince the birds there is a predator nearby.  If possible, hang or mount the decoys and other visual deterrents in the flight path of the pest birds.

Woodpecker scare deterrents include – Holographic Owl, Mylar Flash Tape, Holographic Bird Scare Tape, Woodpecker Paint Additive, Scare Eye Balloons, Holographic Bird Scare Flash Strip, Woodpecker Distress & Predator calls cd and more audio-visual products.  Combining woodpecker decoys with one or two ‘flash’ deterrents and an audio deterrent (if possible) is best bet.

Where to use:

Wood Telephone / Power Line Poles. Wood homes, cabins, decks, posts, ornamental trees.

NOTE: Woodpeckers are persistent and territorial. Audio / Visual Re-enforcement is recommended in addition to decoys to create a more realistic impression of predators and competition in the zone you want to protect.

For specific advice, email with brief description of roosting conditions.

No single product stands alone; a combination of Bird deterrents must be used with repeated reinforcement as necessary